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Selecting Equipment and Surfacing

Selecting Equipment

Equipment should meet the requirements of NZS 5828.

This may be proved mainly by:

• A NZS/EN Kitemark

• A independent certifier mark

Copies of pre-evidence certificates should be provided by the manufacturer or supplier before an order is placed (as stated in the NZS5828)

In some circumstances other indications may be accepted:

• A supplier's declaration of conformity to NZS5828/EN 1176. However an independent play compliance specialist should be used to verify this.

All equipment should carry the appropriate identification label, but not necessarily the ancillary equipment such as benches and litter bins.

Selecting Surfacing:

Suppliers should provide surfacing that has been independently tested to NZS5828/ EN1177.

It should have the required Critical Fall Height properties for the height of fall required by the equipment or recommended by the supplier. Test certificates from a recognized test house should be supplied or a supplier's declaration of conformity provided.

A surface with test requirements is not required for low level play equipment items, less than 600mm fall height, that do not introduce a 'forced movement' on the user. Items with higher fall heights or those producing 'forced movement' still require a tested surface to reduce life threatening head injuries to a child.

Additional to pre-evidence certificates, an Impact test verification upon post-installation is highly recommended due to factors such as variations in product performance, pad thickness discrepancies, product alterations, or installation differences.

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