Independent Post-installation inspection

As per the requirements of the standard, on completion of a new playground, an independent post-installation inspection should be carried out by a certified inspector to assess and verify compliance with the relevant parts of NZS5828:2015 standard.

Playsafe is an independent play area compliance specialist and provides final project inspection and certification for new play areas.

Our post-installation inspection assures that your new playground meets the requirements of the standard. This includes a comprehensive inspection of your play area by a certified, independent Level 3 RPII Inspector and ensures that non-compliance's are identified and reported within the warranty and shakedown period.


The inspection also includes quality control, construction workmanship and general hazards assessed to NZS5828:2015 Standard so it helps keep manufacturers/builders or installers accountable for their delivery and workmanship and gives you independent reporting should you need to seek rectification of any issues within the defects period.


As the final part of this process, we provide you with an NZS5828 Compliance Certificate for the new play area (once requirements of NZS5828 are satisfied).

​Part 1: Certified Inspection

Our L3 Certified RPII Play Inspector will visit and assess your new play area to check for compliance to NZS5828:2015. Consideration within the inspection is given to structural stability, body entrapment's, falling spaces, impact areas, freespace, materials and finishes. The inspection also includes product quality control, construction workmanship and general hazards assessed to NZS5828:2015 Standard. A comprehensive digital report document is issued.

​Assessment Includes:

  • Comprehensive hazard inspection

  • Structural stability check

  • Compliance audit to NZS:5828;2015 and Appendix A Supervised ECE if applicable

  • Dimensional Entrapment - Probe & gauge check (head, neck, torso, leg & fingers + chain, dim gap and projections)

  • Fallzone / falling spaces, impact areas and freespace

  • Free height of fall and Critical Fall height check

  • Inspection of all play equipment, landscaping features within play area

  • Inspection of all materials & finishing

  • Inspection of play safety surface (depth check for loosefill / visual for synthetic)

  • Risk assessment and recommendations

  • *Surface Impact Fall height testing (additional if required)

​​Part 2: Certification

The Playsafe Certificate of NZS5828 Compliance is issued on the basis that the play area meets a technical compliance and/or acceptable Low Risk assessment.


Any unacceptable non-compliance's identified within the Post-installation inspection will be given 30 days to be rectified before final certificate is issued.

Note: Playsafe does not require second inspection to verify this, but we ask for photo evidence of remedial resolution. (Reduction of risk assessment and certificate issue subject to the final satisfaction of Playsafe).​​

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