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Playsafe is a professional services consulting entity that provides services relating to play safety, compliance, surface testing, training and playground inspection in New Zealand. We are internationally accredited to the Register of Playground Inspectors International (RPII). Playsafe inspects to the NZS5828:2015 / EN:1176 Playground Safety Standards. 

Playsafe's aim is to ensure children enjoy themselves, grow and develop through safe play.

Playsafe's Directors have over 16 years of comprehensive experience in the Recreation industry with an extensive history in design, construction, manufacturing, project management and maintenance of playgrounds.

Our core services include play safety inspections / audits, compliance consultancy, HIC surface impact testing and we are proud to be the largest training provider and examination centre for Playground Inspectors in New Zealand.

Our play inspections reports are unique, both comprehensive, practical and is a solutions focused working document. Our playground reporting services are recommended by MoE, ERO and Local Government throughout New Zealand. 


The following are our core services:

  • Inspection - Level 1 Routine Outdoor (Visual)

  • Inspection - Level 2 Operational (Wear & Tear)

  • Inspection - Level 3 Annual Outdoor (Compliance)

  • Inspection - Level 4 Enclosed Play Indoor (enclosed play areas)

  • Surface Impact Testing (HIC)

  • RPII RoSPA Playground Inspector Training

  • Design Reviews to NZS 5828:2015

  • Compliance assessment / support to NZS 5828:2015

  • Risk Assessment

  • Playground Accident / Injury Investigation


Adam is the Principal Inspector and Director of Playsafe and has over 16 years of playground design, manufacturing and project management experience as the former Managing Director of New Zealand based playground manufacturer Park Supplies Ltd. Adam also has an extensive engineering, construction, business management and compliance background. 

Adam is a Level 3 Outdoor Playground Inspector and Surface Impact testing specialist and is the only accredited indoor enclosed play inspector in NZ as well as being the largest recognized playground inspector training provider and Examination Centre in New Zealand. 

Adam is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry with regard to playground maintenance issues, compliance and different types and properties of impact absorbing surfaces.


Playsafe is independent, impartial, unprejudiced and unbiased, we are PROFESSIONALS and will only ever conduct ourselves to ensure our inspections are for the primary purpose of health and safety.  

Playsafe takes professionalism VERY seriously, in fact we sign and abide by a strict code of conduct set by the Register of Playground Inspectors International which includes the following:


  • Ensure that the health and safety of children using the play facility is the primary purpose for any inspection

  • To not misuse their authority or office for personal or other gain

  • To exercise proper and professional judgement & transparency of the inspection process

  • That all inspections are separate and are not influenced by any form of spare parts or maintenance services.

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Adam Stride

  • Level 3 Outdoor Annual Inspector
  • Indoor Play Inspector
  • Compliance Consultant
  • Surface Impact Specialist
  • Level 2 Training Facilitator

Please note: Playsafe is an approved & certified RPII Level 3 Playground inspection and training provider, specializing in training, compliance and surface impact testing professional services with competence in the area of playground design as required by NZS:5828:2015 Appendix C, however WE ARE NOT a certified test laboratory or chartered professional engineer as stated by the NZS:5828:2015 Appendix C.

Playsafe Consulting Ltd conducts testing on the basis our clients understand and acknowledge this.

Structural Calculations / loadings: We are not engineers and do not provide structural calculations.

Please seek independent professional engineering certification for this through a IPENZ engineer.

We carry Public Liability Insurance ($5,000,000 Cover) and Professional Services Indemnity Insurance ($1,000,000 Cover) 

Playsafe's office is based in Auckland, but we are a nationwide service and travel periodically to all ends and corners of New Zealand.


Contact us today to see when were next in your neck of the woods!

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