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Playground Injury Investigation/Expert Witness

Playground injuries can be complex, and understanding the factors at play is crucial. That's where Playsafe's Expert Witness service comes in!

If you're dealing with a playground injury, a peer review by an expert is invaluable to uncover contributors to compliance verification. Playsafe is your reliable expert witness, helping you make sense of what happened.

We offer accredited Expert Witness services for Playground injury and accident Investigations. Our team provides confidential court-compliant reports and statements independently within the judicial system. We cater to Prosecution, Defense, or any other interested party.

Who Can Benefit?

Our services are available to a range of entities, including local governments, play equipment manufacturers, childcare providers, School BOT’s, and private industry professionals. We assist with standards compliance, safety in design, and certification of playground equipment for both outdoor and indoor play areas.

Insights from Countless Investigations:

At Playsafe, we've investigated numerous playground incidents. Most cases involve issues related to equipment design or construction, standards non-compliance, equipment inspection and maintenance, impact safety surfacing, and supervision.

How We Can Assist:

If you need help investigating a playground injury or accident, our team of experts can determine how it occurred and whether it could have been prevented. We provide opinion-based evidence to assist the courts, tribunals, and arbitrators in reaching decisions.

Contact Us:

Your child's safety is our priority. Contact us in confidence to discuss your requirements and learn more about how Playsafe can provide expert insights to ensure playground safety.

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