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Indoor Play Land Certified Playground Safety Audit
Safeguard the well-being of your users


Ensure the safety and legal compliance of your indoor play facility with Playsafe's exclusive Indoor Play-land assessment.


Our thorough evaluation considers the NZS5828, EN 1176-10:2008, and BS 8409:2009 standards, specifically tailored for fully enclosed play facilities. Compliance is crucial for user safety and provides vital evidence in case of legal disputes.

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Indoor Play Land Certified Playground Safety Audit


Ensure the safety and compliance of your indoor play area with the Playsafe Certified Play Area Audit. Our certified RPII Level 4 Enclosed/Indoor Play Specialists conducts a meticulous and unbiased evaluation, providing you with a comprehensive inspection report that addresses potential safety hazards and compliance issues.

During our audit, we cover all aspects of safety and compliance required for fully enclosed play facilities, taking into account NZS5828, EN 1176-10:2008, and BS 8409:2009 standards. Our expert inspectors perform a thorough structural stability assessment, entrapment probe and gauges check, hazard inspection, and examination of wear and tear/maintenance issues. We also assess fall zones, falling spaces, and fall heights, inspect all play equipment and materials, and evaluate the play safety surface.

Some of the typical elements we inspect include:
  • Multi-level scaffold and netting play structures

  • Ball pits

  • Interactive equipment

  • Drop Slides, Raft Slides, Wave Slides

  • Indoor obstacle/Ninja courses

  • Loose parts play

  • Indoor trampolines​

Upon completion of the inspection, we provide you with a comprehensive digital report that includes detailed photographs, risk assessments, and practical recommendations for each identified issue. Additionally, we issue a Certificate of Inspection as proof of evaluation against NZS5828:2015 standards and affix an audit-compliant label to the play area.


Choose Playsafe Certified Play Area Audit to maintain a safe and compliant indoor play land.


Keep children safe and protected in your indoor play land with Playsafe Certified Play Area Audit.

Contact us today to schedule your inspection or learn more about our services. Safeguard the well-being of young adventurers with Playsafe!

Our Deliverables Include:
  • Thorough physical inspection conducted by a highly qualified RPII Level 4 Indoor Play Auditor.

  • Comprehensive digital report documenting detailed risk ratings and providing actionable recommendations.

  • Certificate of Inspection to NZS5828:2015 standards.

  • Audit compliant label affixed to your play area.

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