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See some of our most favourite projects we are proud to have been involved with below!

And checkout what our clients have to say Client Reviews

Kaipātiki Reserve Playspace

Auckland Council + Resilio Studio

We're thrilled to announce the opening of the Kaipātiki Reserve Playspace in Parakai, a Ngāti Whātua o Kaipara-inspired wāhi tākaro (play space) next to Parakai Springs Pools. For over two years, Playsafe collaborated with Resilio Studio, Auckland Council, and Ngāti Whātua o Kaipara to create a unique, fun, safe, and compliant play area.


This one-of-a-kind playspace celebrates the historic whenua (land) of the Kaipara, honoring its people, lands, waters, heritage, and ancestry. The playground features māra hūpara (traditional Māori play elements) like the towering Moari Rope Swing, Patikitiki, Kokiri and Para balance and agility elements, Tubeslide Tower, and Dancing Snake Swing.


Karori Park Playground
Wellington City Council

Wellington City Council and CREO Space enlisted Playsafe to ensure compliance with NZS5828 standards during their playground design process.

Our responsibilities included conducting a design review of the concept plan, reviewing revisions, performing a post-installation inspection, and issuing a certificate of compliance upon project completion.

Tongariro Domain Playspace

Taupo District Council + Bespoke Architects

Right in the heart of the town center, Taupō's newest family destination – Tongariro Domain Playground – has opened! The vibrant new colors and artwork, created by local Tūwharetoa artist Kingi Pitiroi in collaboration with Hawira Karaitiana from the Taupō Museum, beautifully reflect Taupō's story of the mountains and waterways.

In partnership with Bespoke Landscape Architects, Playsafe worked with Taupō District Council to deliver a compliant playspace. Our primary focus was verifying the equipment and surfacing to ensure they met the relevant standards. We then conducted a post-installation inspection to confirm compliance with NZS5828/EN1176 requirements. Upon project completion, we issued a certificate of compliance.

New Shoots Children's Centres

The skilled team at New Shoots has created stunning outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend nature-inspired play areas with safety and compliance in accordance with NZS5828. Playsafe is proud to have supported their efforts by providing design review and post-installation compliance reporting at 15 of their locations across Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Northland, and Waikato.

Summerland School
Sky Playground

The talented Michael Davies from Daedal Architecture enlisted Playsafe to review and assist in the design of the innovative and imaginative 'Sky' playground project at Summerland School. Our expertise in risk assessment and post-installation audit compliance ensured that the project met the NZS5828:2015 standards.

This unique design utilized seven concrete culvert pipe units to create distinctive play areas and featured a stunning timber climbing structure. This structure elevated, intertwined, and intersected the units, offering a variety of challenging climbing, balancing, and sliding experiences.

"Working with Playsafe, we have found their input invaluable. On this highly bespoke playground design with many intricacies, Adam was instrumental in helping us finalize the design and fully understand the compliance risks.


Scooter Track

Yaldhurst Model School

In collaboration with Chris Owen from Xteriorscapes, Playsafe played a crucial role in the creation of a unique scooter track and landscaping project. Our support included conducting a design review, providing developmental design assistance during construction, and performing a post-installation inspection.

This project presented challenges in materials, finishes, surfacing, and landscaping, requiring careful consideration of both the NZS5828 standard and independent risk assessments. The final result is a stunning and unique achievement for the school and the Yaldhurst community.

Westfield Newmarket

Scentre Group + Hello Space Interiors

Scentre Group engaged Playsafe to work with Hello Space Interiors for a design review and final complaince process to ensure compliance during construction. The result was an exceptional indoor play area made from premium, unique materials like leather, wet pour rubber, stainless steel, and custom-designed activity panel games.

Henderson Primary School

Henderson Primary’s three playgrounds are just one of the hundreds of Schools that Playsafe provides annual certified safety and compliance audits on yearly. “Great service provided. Accurate and easy to follow the report, which can be easily actioned, to keep our tamariki safe.”  Tony Biddock Principal

Natural Steps Albany Early Childhood Service

Natural Steps engaged Playsafe to provide a comprehensive safety and compliance audit and report for their Early Childhood Centre.

“What a great service Playsafe has provided. The report was well structured and informative. It provided fact-based evidence with photos and citing the regs. ''Playsafe was available to answer all our questions and concerns. I would highly recommend this service to all ECE services that wish to provide a safe playground and peace of mind to parents, teachers, and owners.” Maria Natural Steps ELC

Giraffe ELC

Wiles Read Architects + Natural Habitats

Playsafe was commissioned by Wiles Read + Natural Habitats to perform a design review and comply with the NZS5828:2015 standards through a post-installation audit process.


This engagement included an evaluation of the concept plans for the outdoor play areas at the Huapai and Three Kings Early Childhood Centers, a review of any revisions, and a final inspection after installation. Upon completion, Playsafe provided certificates of compliance for each project.

McDonald's Restaurants

Multiple Sites

Playsafe is frequently sought to perform thorough safety assessments and compliance evaluations for Playlands at various McDonald's locations. These audits and reports are essential for ensuring that all Playlands meet the highest safety standards and comply with relevant regulations.

Client Review: "Playsafe's extensive experience and expertise in this field enable them to thoroughly review and evaluate all aspects of the play areas, including equipment, surfaces, and surrounding areas, to ensure they are safe and suitable for children to play in. The resulting reports provide McDonald's with detailed recommendations for any necessary improvements, giving them the confidence that their Playlands are providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all children."

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Auckland Hospital + Grafton Mews RMHC

For many years, Playsafe has been dedicated to managing hazards and risks at Auckland Hospital RMHC’s three play areas. We conduct annual inspections and surface impact testing to keep the playgrounds in excellent condition and ensure their safety.

These inspections involve a comprehensive review of all aspects of the play areas, including equipment, surfaces, and surrounding environments, to identify any potential hazards or risks. By providing these services, Playsafe proactively addresses safety concerns and ensures compliance with relevant standards and regulations. This allows RMHC to offer a safe and enjoyable environment for children to play in, giving parents and guardians peace of mind.

Westfield Shopping Centres NZ

Scentre Group

Playsafe proudly oversees the safety of play areas at Westfield shopping centers across New Zealand. Committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children, we conduct regular quarterly safety inspections and annual surface impact testing.

These inspections identify potential hazards, ensuring equipment, surfaces, and surrounding areas are in good condition. Surface impact testing verifies that the ground beneath the equipment can absorb impact, reducing injury risks from falls.

By performing these regular inspections and tests, Playsafe addresses safety concerns proactively, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and regulations. This allows Westfield shopping centers to offer well-maintained, safe, and fun play areas, giving parents peace of mind.

Hauraki Primary School + Tiger Turf Ltd

Junior Playground Relocation

Playsafe undertook the challenge of relocating a Junior Playground built to ASTM standards and upgrading it to meet NZS5828 standards. This involved a comprehensive audit to identify compliance differences.

Tiger Turf and their contractor carefully removed and reinstalled the equipment with new posts, impact platforms, and modernized components, modifying steel parts to eliminate dimensional gaps and prevent body entrapment.

Throughout the project, Playsafe worked closely with the school, Tiger Turf, and the contractor, ensuring the playground was fully compliant with NZS5828 standards and met the highest safety requirements.

Te Manawa Museum

Westpac Rescue Play-space

The play area at Te Manawa Museum is a unique, interactive space designed by Tim Stephenson of Tim Stephenson Design, Exhibition Display Specialists. Throughout the project, Playsafe provided expert consultation to ensure compliance with NZS5828 standards.

The play area features a Westpac Helicopter with interactive elements like a joystick, spinning rotor blades, and dashboard buttons. It also includes a rescue vehicle with an interactive charger, lights, dashboard buttons, and removable wheels.

Playsafe collaborated closely with Tim Stephenson from concept to installation, ensuring the play area is visually stunning and meets the highest safety standards. The result is an engaging, interactive experience for children to explore and enjoy.

Te Pā Harakeke Playspace Tahunanui

Nelson City Council + Nelmac

The Pā Harakeke at Tahunanui in Nelson is a gathering place for families and people of all ages to relax and spend time together. It's a place where children can grow under the guidance of older generations.

Playsafe collaborated with Richard, Nelmac, and NCC to create a unique and safe play-space using natural elements and landscaping, adhering to NZS5828 standards.

The play area features bridges, pathways, stepping stones, and landscaping, creating an exciting "floor is lava" activity for children. This design encourages active play in a safe environment.

Client Review: "Playsafe helped us with a natural play playground that we are designing and installing. They have a great can-do attitude and provide solutions instead of obstacles, ensuring children have a more enjoyable play experience." - Richard, Nelmac.

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