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Swing Seat Impact Testing

Swings and Spinners offer children thrilling play experiences, but unfortunately, they can pose significant risks to head and facial injuries.

At Playsafe, we understand the importance of ensuring safety in playgrounds. That's why we specialize in testing and certifying the impact attenuation of swing seats and the outer edges of carousels and spinners, adhering to the standards set by NZS5828.


Our comprehensive testing services cover a wide range of swing and carousel types, including traditional swing seats, flying fox seats, type C carousels with hanging handles, vertical tire seats, group platforms for multiple users, and more. We conduct both laboratory impact tests and on-site, in-situ impact tests to accurately evaluate the performance of swing seats and carousels.

Using industry-approved methodologies in accordance with NZS5828 and EN 1176-2:2008, we measure the impact acceleration and performance of swing seats and carousel edges. Our meticulous testing process ensures that your swing seats and carousels comply with head injury standards. We provide electronic test reports and certificates that verify their compliance and give you peace of mind.

With Playsafe, you can trust that your swing seats and carousels have undergone rigorous testing and certification, minimizing the risks of internal organ bruising, broken teeth, dental damage, facial and eye injuries, concussions, head injuries, and lacerations.

Choose safety and peace of mind for your playground. Contact Playsafe today for expert swing impact attenuation testing and certification services.

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