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Design Review to NZS5828

Playsafe provides an affordable solution for reviewing play area designs to ensure they meet safety standards before construction. Our independent desktop review service is ideal for a variety of clients, including schools, councils, ECE facilities, and commercial play projects. We can evaluate both entire play area designs and individual play elements.

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Playground Design Review Process

Building a new playground? Get your design independently checked BEFORE THE BUILD.

Playsafe provides an affordable independent desktop review solution for play area or product designs to ensure they meet safety standards before construction.

A thorough evaluation helps you avoid costly mistakes and provides valuable insights on how to achieve your desired results more effectively.

Our expert review service can help identify potential issues and offer efficient solutions to help you avoid costly  mistakes. Additionally, clients who use our design review service can take advantage of a discounted rate for post-installation inspections.

Our experienced team will thoroughly examine your plans, sketches, and concepts to ensure compliance with the NZS5828:2015 playground standard. The Design Review includes a comprehensive evaluation of your play plan and any landscaping features, a considerations report to the NZS5828:2015, a design risk assessment, and information on relevant standards.

Note: For Early Childhood Education Services projects or products, we include additional considerations to ensure compliance with 5828 Appendix A Supervised ECE and MoE Premises and facilities criterion 5 - PF5 Safe Furniture and Equipment - items and surfaces, furniture, equipment and materials are safe and suitable for their intended use. Our review and final certification can be used for MOE licensing evidence.

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