Design Review & Certification

Playsafe offers a unique and exclusive three-part independent certified compliance process for new play area projects.

Very popular for Early Childhood, Schools, Councils and Commercial Interior Play Projects.

Why certify new Playgrounds?

In the event of a serious playground injury, fundamental and baseline compliance with the NZS5828 is the first evidence requirement. Manufacturers, owners and operators of playgrounds bear the burden of proof in the event of a life changing injury or death and failure to identify risk and comply with standards may be cause for fault, blame and negligence.

The Playsafe playground assessment and certificate process is designed for any interested party involved in a play area project or build. It provides verification and assurance that the play area meets the NZS5828:2015 by a independent certified third-party. The inspection also provides a quality-control check for manufacturers that helps mitigate future non-compliance liabilities. This process can be engaged directly by Schools, Councils, Early Childhood or by Playground Manufacturers, Builders, Landscape Architects, Interior designers and Installers.


Our inspectors are independent, certified, police vetted and carry professional indemnity insurance for playground professional services. Our playground reporting services are recommended by MoE, ERO and Local Government throughout New Zealand.​

Play Area Design Review Process

Playsafe offers a unique and exclusive three-part independent certified compliance process for new play area projects:

The first step in the process is a Design Review, we examine your plans and drawings and provide a considerations report to NZS5828:2015. Playground standard. The considerations and /or findings herein the report can then be applied / adopted into your plan as a revision. We then see you on the other side of your build phase when construction is complete and its time for the Post-Installation physical inspection which focuses on a final compliance assessment including product quality control, construction workmanship and general hazards assessed to NZS5828:2015 Standard. Finally, once satisfied we can issue the Playsafe Certificate of Acceptable Risk & Compliance for your play area.

The following provides a breakdown and detail of each part in the process.


Part 1: Design Review

A comprehensive certified review of your play area design, plans or concepts with consideration to NZS:5828:2015 playground Standard including ECE appendix A Supervised ECE if required - The desktop review is designed to identify and mitigate potential non-compliance's and subsequently costly rework. Review includes a letter of considerations to NZS5828:2015 / EN1176.


Review typically includes:

Includes design review, letter and supporting information, including:

  • Design review of play area plan, sketches, concepts including all landscaping features

  • Provide letter of considerations to NZS5828:2015 and ECE appendix A Supervised ECE if applicable

  • Provide supporting standards information

  • Provide digital copy of Playsafe Essential Standards Guide NZS5828:2015


Part 2: Post-Installation Physical Inspection

Once you have constructed or installed your new play area, our L3 Certified RPII Play Inspector will visit and assess your play area for compliance to NZS5828:2015. Consideration within the inspection is given to structural stability, non-compliance due to body entrapment's, falling spaces, impact areas, freespace, materials and finishes. The inspection also includes product quality control, construction workmanship and general hazards assessed to NZS5828:2015 Standard. A comprehensive digital report document is issued.

​Assessment Includes:

  • Comprehensive hazard inspection

  • Structural stability check

  • Compliance audit to NZS:5828;2015 / Appendix A Supervised ECE if applicable

  • Dimensional Entrapment - Probe & gauge check (head, neck, torso, leg & fingers + chain, dim gap and projections)

  • Fallzone / falling spaces, impact areas and freespace and

  • Free height of fall and Critical Fall height check

  • Inspection of all play equipment, landscaping features within play area

  • Inspection of all materials & finishing

  • Inspection of play safety surface (depth check for loosefill / visual for synthetic)

  • Risk assessment and recommendations

  • *Surface Impact Fall height testing (additional if required)

The report includes photos, risk assessment and recommendations for every finding identified. Our play inspections reports are unique, both comprehensive, practical and are a solution focused working document.

Part 3: Certification

The Playsafe Certificate of Acceptable Risk & Compliance is issued on the basis that the play area meets a technical compliance and/or acceptable risk assessment.


Any non-compliance's identified within the physical inspection will include an individual risk value. Playsafe will only issue the final Certificate of Compliance only once any remaining hazards within the report are deemed no greater than acceptable 'Low' risk. Should unacceptable hazards be identified during assessment, the client can then undertake practicable actions to resolve or reduce the hazards to acceptable 'Low" Risk. (Note: Acceptance of risk reductions is subject to the satisfaction of Playsafe before final certificate is issued).


Note: Playsafe does not require second inspection to verify this, but must receive photo evidence of hazard resolution or risk reduction to issue the certificate. (reduction of risk assessment and certificate issue subject to the final satisfaction of Playsafe).


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Part 1: Design Review

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Part 2: Physical Inspection

Part 3: Compliance Certificate

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