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Playground Inspection, Compliance & Maintenance Training 
Certified RPII / RoSPA Operational Level 2

Upcoming Course Dates



Stardome Observatory

670 Manukau Rd Auckland 1023


(2 Day) 24th & 25th July 2024


(1 Day) 25th July 2024

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The Training

The Playsafe RPII certified Operational (Level 2) Playground Inspection Training is a comprehensive 2-day program that provides both classroom presentation and physical site visits to fully equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a competent playground inspector. This program covers the general safety and ongoing condition of the play area, as well as a broad overview of the entire playground industry and its compliance requirements according to NZS5828:2015 and EN1176:2008.

Upon completion of the training and passing the practical and formal exam, you will receive certification and registration as an Operational (Level 2) inspector with the RPII & RoSPA Register of Playground Inspectors International. Your certificate and ID badge, valid for 3 years, will serve as recognition of your expertise in this field. A Paperback of Play Safe - The Ultimate Guide To Childrens Play Safety NZS 5828 (2023 Edition) is also be included in the program. No prior experience is required to enroll in this program.

Topics Covered
  • Play Inspection/ RPII / Inspectors

  • Children at Play

  • Accidents, Statistics and safety

  • Playground standards (breakdown)

  • Inspection procedures

  • Risk assessment / Recommendations

  • Specific play equipment

  • Fallzones, Falling Spaces and Impact Areas

  • Basic Compliance Dimensions

  • Entrapment Overview

  • Maintenance & Parts

  • Impact Attenuating Surfacing / Head Impact Criterion (Surfaces)


Gain recognition as an RPII certified operational Level 2 inspector through our training and examination program. Upon successful completion, you will receive a certificate and identification badge valid for 3 years, acknowledging your expertise and certification by the Register of Playground Inspectors International.

Who is the training for?
  • Council Parks Staff (Team Leaders and all hands on OSM Staff)

  • Parks & Reserves Coordinators

  • Facilities Maintenance Staff

  • Maintenance Contractors

  • Installers

  • Early Childhood Centre Reps

  • Landscapers / Builders

  • Landscape Architects

  • Equipment Manufacturers

  • Auditors / Inspectors

  • Designers

  • Safety Surfacing Suppliers.

This training program is perfect for anyone, regardless of prior experience or background. It is suitable for both seasoned professionals in the park and recreation industry, as well as those new to the world of playgrounds. The 2-day course covers the latest information on playground safety standards and offers hands-on instruction on how to conduct formal inspections and identify hazards through a risk assessment process.

Previous Knowledge
Training Types and Pricing:

Our trainings are available for both new attendees and those seeking renewal. The full two-day course is designed for those who have not previously undergone level 2 training or exams, while the second day is specifically for those who are renewing their qualification and seeking to maintain their RPII / RoSPA Operational Level 2 certification.


Initial Training

$1,595+gst - Includes two-day course attendance, training presentation, site visits, formal & practical exams. Includes catering, RPII Exam Fee plus 3 year registration and membership. Also included is a Paperback copy of Play Safe - The Ultimate Guide To Children's Play Safety NZS 5828 (2023 Edition).

3 Year Renewal

$1,095+gst - Includes formal and practical exam, RPII Exam Fee plus further 3 year registration and membership. Also included is a Paperback copy of Play Safe - The Ultimate Guide To Children's Play Safety NZS 5828 (2023 Edition).


Day 1 (8.30 am – 5.00 pm Classroom Presentation + site visit

Day 2 (8.30 am – 4.00 pm Classroom Presentation + Written Exam & Practical Exam

(approx. finish times only)

Cancelation Policy

Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the event date, will receive a 100% refund or transfer. Cancelation made within 3-6 days will incur a 20% fee. Cancelation made within 48 hours to the event will incur a 30% fee.

About Playsafe Training

Playsafe is the largest registered inspection training facility for the RPII in New Zealand. We are the leading training provider for NZ local Government/Councils, Maintenance Contractors, Schools, Landscape Architects, and Supervised ECE Centres.

Hear what our clients say!

"I recommend we send all MDC’s and AMIS team on this course.  I literally incorporated what I learned the very next day auditing our Playgrounds and open spaces. Well worth money.''

Auckland City Council

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