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Impact Certification - Surfacing

Playsafe is the leading certifier for surface impact tests in New Zealand. Our product test certification according to NZS5828 is highly regarded by the Ministry of Education, the Education Review Office, and local government authorities throughout the country. Our rigorous testing procedures for playground surface products ensure compliance with the impact requirements outlined in NZS5828. We offer independent, confidential, certified, and impartial services. Additionally, our team internationally accredited.


Playsafe's certification process is designed to enhance your products. Through comprehensive testing and certification, we aim to ensure compliance with critical fall height standards. We achieve this through the use of test data, peer review, constructive feedback, and thorough documentation. By employing this approach, we instil confidence in your clients and help reduce your long-term liabilities.


As the largest certifier of playground surface products in New Zealand, we have certified numerous products from reputable brands such as TigerTurf, Matta Products, EcoLawn, Numat, Burgess Matting, SGC Matting, Reharvest Timber Ltd, Intelligro Ltd, Southern Aggregates, Composting NZ Ltd, TNZ Growing Products, Stevensons, GHD Ltd, Lumbr Limited, Lindsay & Dixon Ltd, and the Woodshed, among others.

We test and certify the following:
  • Bark

  • Woodchip

  • Pea-metal

  • Rubber crumb

  • Wetpour granule

  • EPDM

  • Foam

  • PVC Tiles

  • Poured in place Rubber

  • Synthetic Turf systems


Our test methods involve Impact attenuation CFH testing, data acquisition & analysis report, and issuance of product certification on synthetic surface or loosefill surface materials. Determining CFH (critical fall height) using HIC (head impact criterion) surface impact tester, providing data acquisition & analysis report in accordance with NZS:5828:2015 / EN1177:2008, and issuing Playsafe NZS5828 Certificate valid for 3 years repeatable use.


If you are interested in having Playsafe test and certify your products, we would be delighted to assist you.

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