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Certified Skatepark Audit - Assessment to EN 14974
Why inspect Skateparks?

It is important to recognize that skateboarding is an exciting sport that may involve accidents from time to time.

A Playsafe Skatepark inspection to BS EN 14974 ensures you meet your responsibility for hazard identification and aims to reduce accidents, injuries and promote safety at skateboarding facilities.

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When was your last Skatepark Audit?

Comprehensive Skatepark Inspection

Experience a thorough and unbiased evaluation of your Skatepark with Playsafe's certified audit to EN 14974. Our comprehensive inspection service is specifically designed to ensure that your Skatepark is benchmarked to the highest safety standards outlined in assessment to BS EN 14974 2019 Skateparks Standard.

Rest easy knowing that our certified Level 3 RPII Inspector will meticulously examine your Skatepark elements, identifying potential safety hazards and compliance issues before they lead to accidents or failures. Our reports go beyond mere observations and provide practical, solution-oriented recommendations that serve as actionable plans for owners, operators, and BOTs. Whether it's repairs, maintenance, upgrades, or future replacements, we've got you covered.

Our 10 Point Audit covers all the crucial aspects, including a compliance audit to BS EN 14974, element stability assessment, hazard inspection including wear and tear/maintenance issues check, free-fall height, barriers, protrusions, entrapment, radiuses and rolling surface finishes. Includes meticulous examination of Skate elements and materials and much more.


You can expect a comprehensive digital report that includes detailed photos, risk assessments, and recommendations for each identified issue. Additionally, we provide a Certificate of Inspection as proof of compliance with BS EN 14974 2019, accompanied by an audit compliant label affixed to your Skatepark.

Our top-notch reporting services come highly recommended by both the Ministry of Education and the Education Review Office. Rest assured, our inspectors are impartial, certified, confidential, and have undergone rigorous police vetting. Furthermore, they are insured with professional indemnity insurance, giving you added peace of mind.

Our Deliverables Include:

  • Thorough physical inspection conducted by a highly qualified RPII Level 3 Auditor.

  • Comprehensive digital report documenting detailed risk ratings and providing actionable recommendations.

  • Certificate of Inspection to BS EN 14974 2019 standards.

  • Audit compliant label affixed to your playground, ensuring adherence to safety regulations.

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