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The NZS5828 / EN1176 Playsafe Wear Gauge Multi-Tool


The improved version of this multi-tool now comes with 13 practical measuring tools for playground inspectors who comply with the NZS5828 and EN1176 standards. It is made from durable thermoplastic polyester material in New Zealand.


The wear gauge, which is an essential part of this tool, comprises 6, 8, 10, and 12mm wear gauges designed at a 40% wear ratio, as recommended by the Register of Play Inspectors International.


This wear gauge is used to check the wear ratio of a worn component against its original diameter. For commercial playgrounds, a part that is worn beyond 40% should be replaced.


To measure the original diameter of common bolt sizes, this multi-tool also includes a diameter/bolt size checker for each of the M6, M8, M10, and M12 bolt sizes.


In addition to these features, there are three radius gauges - a 3mm gauge for edge/corner projections, a 10mm gauge recommended for tunnel edges, and a 20mm gauge for rocker profiles and skate copings.


Finally, a fastening protrusion tool is included to check that fasteners are finished less than 8mm from the part, or they should be domed/cap covered.


For instructions on how to use this multi-tool, please refer to the diagram contained in the package, which indicates each tool and its function.

Wear Gauge - Plastic

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