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The Plastic Version of 2D Probe Set - NZS5828 / EN1176 / SANS S1176


This upgraded set has practical measurement tools, perfect for playground inspectors adhering to the NZS5828 and EN1176 standards. Crafted in tough Stainless Steel right here in New Zealand.


Designed with playground inspectors in mind, this 2D set provides a lightweight and travel-friendly alternative to the bulkier 3D probes. The Multi-tool also includes a range of additional gauges, including grip and grasp gauges, in addition to the standard probes.


This set comprises a comprehensive 2D inspection probe set for NZS5828:2015 / EN1176 and SANS S1176, featuring entrapment probes, gauges and other tools, including:



  • Probe C (Torso)
  • Probe D (Large Head)
  • Probe E (Small Head)
  • Wedge Probe (Partially bound and V-shaped openings)
  • Toggle Test Device - Chain and Toggle (Slides, Roofs & Firemans Poles)
  • Finger Rod - 8.00mm (Finger)
  • Finger Rod - 8.60mm (Chain)
  • Finger Rod - 12.00mm (Connections)
  • Finger Rod - 25.00mm (Finger)
  • Multi-tool featuring 16mm, 45mm, and 60mm (Grip, Grasp), 30mm (Foot/Leg), Radius (Rocker) Gauge, Radius (Materials/Finishes) Gauge, Protrusion Gauge
  • 8m Tape Measure (Playsafe)
  • Playsafe Probe Bag (Waist bag with clip belt strap)
  • Instruction Manual


Designed as a practical 2D alternative to the bulkier 3D probes, this set is perfect for playground inspectors on the go. The Multi-tool also includes additional gauges, such as grip and grasp gauges, to ensure thorough inspections.

Probe Set 2D - Stainless

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