The ULTIMATE Play Inspection Toolbox


1x Complete set of 2D inspection probes NZS5828:2015 / EN1176 + Carry Bag

1x Probe User Guide

1x Wear Gauge (40%)

1x Surface Depth Probe

1x Tape Measure 8m

1x Playsafe Standards Guide NZS5828


This set is designed for playground inspectors as a lightweight alternative to a large cumbersome 3D probes. Also includes a number of additional useful gauges in addition to standard probes.


2D inspection probes includes the following:


  • Head & Neck Probe C - Completely bound openings
  • Partially bound & V' Shaped Openings
  • Head & Neck Large Probe D & E
  • Finger entrapment 8mm & 25mm
  • Connections / Variable Gaps Probe 12mm
  • Chain Link Probe 8.6mm
  • Grip Probe 16mm
  • Grasp Probe 60mm
  • Foot / Leg Entrapment Probe 30mm
  • Projecting Parts Probe / Bolt Protrusion Probe
  • Radius Gauge
  • Rocker Profile Gauge
  • Toggle entrapment tester


Ultimate Play Inspection Toolbox