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Basic Tool Box - Level 2 Operational - NZS5828 / EN1176


This kit includes the essential tools for Level 2 Operational RPII Inspectors featuring



  • Toggle Test Device - Chain and Toggle (Slides, Roofs & Firemans Poles)
  • Finger Rod - 8.00mm (Finger)
  • Finger Rod - 8.60mm (Chain)
  • Finger Rod - 12.00mm (Connections)
  • Finger Rod - 25.00mm (Finger)
  • Radius (Materials/Finishes) Gauge, Protrusion Gauge
  • 8m Tape Measure (Playsafe


Proudly manufactured and molded in New Zealand using NZ-made Polylactic plastic. Finger rods and projection gauges are precision-machined from aluminum.

Basic Tool Box - Level 2 Operational

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