The Playsafe 3D Probe Set - NZS5828 / EN1176

Test devices for playground Entrapment.


Our PE probe tools are made from tough Polyethylene Terephthalate in New Zealand. Our Finger rods and projection gauge is made from Aluminium.


Includes 10 Entrapment Probes:

  • Probe E (Small Head)
  • Probe C (Torso)
  • Probe D (Large Head)
  • Wedge Probe* (Partially bound and V-shaped openings)
  • Toggle Test Device -  Chain and Toggle (Slides, Roofs & Firemans Poles)
  • Finger Rod - 8.00mm (Finger)
  • Finger Rod - 8.60mm (Chain)
  • Finger Rod - 12.00mm (Connections)
  • Finger Rod - 25.00mm (Finger)
  • Rocking Equipment Ring Gauge (Eye Socket)
  • Playsafe Probe Bag (Backpack)
  • Instruction Manual


*The Wedge Probe comes complete with a unique 'clip together' joint for ease of storage and freight.


An instruction manual with a brief explanation of each probe and its application is included however the use of these probes should be read in conjunction with the requirements of NZS5828:2015 /BS EN 1176 Part 1.


Notes: This set of entrapment probes differs from those contained in the Annex D of BS EN 1176 Part 1, the ‘toggle test probe’ excludes the collar and pole as specified in NZS5828 /BS EN 1176. Instead it has a simple handle, this has been modified to provide a lighter and less cumbersome tool for practical use.

3D Probe Set -NZS5828 / EN1176