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The Playsafe 3D Probe Set NZS5828/EN1176 and SANS S1176 made in tough Plastic – a top-tier collection of testing tools meticulously crafted for playground entrapment testing.


Proudly crafted in New Zealand, these probes are molded using high-quality NZ-made Polylactic plastic. Our Finger rods and projection gauges are precision-machined from Aluminum for exceptional durability.


This comprehensive set includes 10 Entrapment Probes, featuring Probe E (Small Head), Probe C (Torso), Probe D (Large Head), the Wedge Probe* (designed for partially bound and V-shaped openings), Toggle Test Device - Chain and Toggle (ideal for assessing Slides, Roofs & Fireman's Poles), and Finger Rods in various sizes tailored to different types of connections.


You'll also find the Rocking Equipment Ring Gauge (Eye Socket), a convenient Playsafe Probe Bag (Backpack), and an instruction manual providing a concise explanation of each probe and its intended application.


While an instruction manual is included, it's essential to use these probes in compliance with NZS5828:2015 / BS EN 1176 Part 1 requirements. Notably, this entrapment probe set differs from those found in Annex D of BS EN 1176 Part 1. For instance, the 'toggle test probe' does not include the collar and pole as specified in NZS5828 / BS EN 1176; instead, it features a more user-friendly handle, making it lighter and easier to wield in practice."

Probe Set 3D - Plastic

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