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Our play area compliance inspections reports are unique, both comprehensive, practical and are a solutions focused working document.

We provide play area inspection for Council Parks, Schools, Early Childhood and Commercial Playgrounds.

Our Inspection Services


What we do

Playsafe Consulting Ltd is a professional services provider that specialises in providing playground safety inspections, surface impact testing, design review and inspection training throughout Australasia.


Playsafe's aim is to ensure children enjoy themselves, grow and develop through safe play.

We are internationally accredited to the Register of Playground Inspectors International (RPII) and inspect to the to the EN 1176, NZS5828 and AS 4685 Playground equipment and surfacing standards.


Design Review

Playsafe offers a unique and exclusive independent certified compliance process for new play area projects.


Inspection Training

Playsafe is the largest registered inspection training facility for the RPII in New Zealand. We are the leading training provider for NZ local Government, Councils, maintenancecontractors, Schools, Architects and Supervised ECE centres.



What our clients say

Your feedback is of the utmost importance to Playsafe. We are constantly striving to provide the best possible service and comprehensive reporting for our playground inspection services, your input helps us to define that experience.


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Inspection Tools & Probes

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Standards Guide

Playground Injuries

Playground injuries are the leading cause of injury to children ages five to 14 in schools.

Lack of supervision is associated with 40 percent of playground injuries. A recent study found that children play without adult supervision more often on school playgrounds (32 percent of the time) than playgrounds in parks (22 percent).


Approximately 58 percent of playground injuries requiring medical attention occur in schools and are most common among girls between five and nine, and boys between 10 and 14.

The most common causes of medical attention from playgrounds is injury suffered from falling. Approximately 70 percent of playground equipment-related injuries involve falls to the surface, this is either onto inadequate surfacing or onto hard objects. The most common injury is  a long-bone fracture (involving arms and legs) and these are most common from upper body, overhead activities like  monkey bars and monorails.

Prevention of

Playground Injuries