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Designed to depth check loosefill playground surfaces (woodchip, bark, pea gravel etc). Provides visually simple depth inspection and topup required.


Our depth probe uses reasonable force to assess the depth and quality of your loosefill. Marked with 50mm increment indicators which clearly show within the report the average depth from multiple locations around the surface and subsequently show any depth discrepancy required.


The NZS5828:2015 standard requires an average minimum depth of 300mm of quality 'LOOSE' fill material for a playground surface. This probe is designed to ssupportregular depth and quality checking of the loosefill material. Made from An aluminium bar with a an ergonomic soft rubber handle.


Test Procedure

An ergonomic handle allows force to be applied to the back of the probe - In a vertical position apply reasonable force, and push probe into the loosefill until a compacted resistance is identified. Then measure the depth using red markers and topup as required.


Great for any play inspector and play area owner/operator including, inspectors, facilities maintenance teams, caretakers, centre owners etc



Depth/Topup Probe

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