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Playgrounds and Bike Helmets

Despite the fact that helmets can greatly reduce the risk of head injury during a fall, it is not advisable for children to wear them when playing on playgrounds or climbing trees. This is because wearing a helmet on playground equipment can pose a hidden danger of strangulation.

While playground safety standards aim to minimize the risk of injury, they do not account for the potential risks associated with helmet use, such as children with enlarged heads or hydrocephalus. Helmets can alter the size and shape of a child's head, making them more susceptible to entrapment and strangulation.

Playground equipment is designed to be reasonably safe when used as intended, but wearing a helmet while playing on these structures can create new risks, including neck injuries and entrapment or strangulation. Therefore, it is recommended that children remove their helmets when they finish riding their bike or scooter. It is also important for playground and park signage to reflect this risk.


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