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Impact Absorbing Surfaces (IAS)

All play equipment from which a child could fall a distance greater than 600mm should be provided with an appropriate Impact Absorbing Surface (IAS). The primary function of IAS is to absorb the energy of the falling child. It will not stop an accident happening but it should reduce the severity of an injury.

Points to be considered when installing IAS:

Overall play value needs of the site/area;

1) Installation methods and type of IAS;

2) Suitability for equipment type;

3) Maintenance requirements;

4) Surface lifespan;


Any playground equipment requiring an IAS should be checked and upgraded if necessary to meet current national safety standard's NZS5828 (EN1176 and 1177); No new playground equipment should be installed without the appropriate IAS; Only suppliers of material tested to EN1177 and certified as being suitable for falls up to the maximum fall height of the equipment concerned should be considered.


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