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Routine Level 1- School Playground Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Training

Poorly maintained School playground equipment and surfaces can contribute to serious injury. Playground Inspection, proactive maintenance and replacement of damaged parts is essential to children's safety.

Playgrounds are a very specialized asset with moving, sacrificial and wearable parts. School playgrounds also have a high volume of use with often very little maintenance.

Training your Caretaker to a certified level of Playground Inspection will establish a formal inspection and reporting process in your school and ensure that any issues are identified well before breakage or failure.

The Training

The course consists of a 1 day training process including a classroom presentation training and playground site visits with a practical exam. The aim of this course is to train you as a competent routine inspector of the play area’s ongoing basic condition.

The training consists of some basic standards including NZS 5828:2015, general play safety, accidents, specific equipment, inspection procedure and basic risk assessment. A inspection template is also included.

Routine Inspection looks at the equipment’s ongoing basic condition, especially faults due to wear & tear, replacement parts and maintenance, vandalism, breakages and cleanliness of the playground.

The level 1 training and practical exam provides a qualification and registration for Routine (Level 1) with the RPII & ROPSA Register of Playground Inspectors International. You will receive a certificate valid for 3 years.



The training includes detailed information on:

  • Children at Play

  • Accidents and safety

  • Basic playground standards 

  • Specific Equipment 

  • Inspection template & procedure

  • Risk assessment

  • Maintenance & Parts

Next Course


Date TBC

Who is the training for?

We typically have a great cross representation of the industry in any one of our training's including:

  • School Caretakers / Property managers / BOT Members

Previous Knowledge

No previous playground experience necessary - Whether you have been in a Caretaker for many years or new to the industry, this training is for you!  The workshop is designed to give you an understanding of your liabilities with playgrounds and how to identify and repair hazards to ensure your playground remains safe.

How much is it?

Price $495+gst per candidate and includes:

(Note an additional 3% surcharge is added for payment via credit cards)

  • Includes Course attendance, training presentation, site visit and practical exam (1 day) including certificate. Fee includes catering - morn tea and lunch.

When is it?

School Caretaker Playground trainings are run periodically based on min interest and numbers. Please contact us to register interest in this course. 

email ~ 021720490

What to bring?

A tape measure, pen and rain jacket (wear comfortable clothing, dress smart casual)


Morning tea & lunch will be provided - Please let us know if you have any particular dietary requirements

Where is it?

The Auckland Caretakers Playground Safety & Maintenance Trainings are held at:


Remuera Primary School

Dromorne Rd



Standards Guide

A Guide to the NZS5828:2015 Playground Standard

Have questions about playground safety? Want to learn more about the New Zealand Playground Standard or would you like to easily search answers when you have a question? Get your copy of the Unofficial Playsafe Standards Guide today!

The Playsafe essential Guide to NZS 5828:2015 Playground Equipment & Surfacing Standard. (Electronic pdf copy). This standards guide contains the main requirements of the NZS 5828:2015 and is Ideal for any interested person including Schools, Early Childhood, Councils and any owners or operators of playgrounds and play areas and surfacing.

Get yours today - Only $34.95+gst for a pdf download digital copy. Click the link to purchase:

Playsafe Playground Standards Guide NZS 5828:2015
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