Playground Inspection, Compliance, Maintenance and Repair Training ROSPA /RPII Level 2 Certified Operational Workshop


Aim: To train you as a competent Level 2 Operational Playground Inspector whilst giving you a broad and general overview of the entire playground industry.


Workshop Content: Children at Play, Accidents & Injuries; Safety, Basic Playground standard compliance NZS5828:2015/EN:1176, Inspection procedures, Risk assessment, Specific Equipment, Maintenance & Parts, Safety surfacing, Fall Zones, Falling spaces.


Who: Council Parks Maintenance staff, Maintenance contractors, Early childhood representatives, Landscapers/Builders, Playground Builders/Manufactures, Architects, Auditors, Safety Surfacing Suppliers


Duration: 2 day training process (classroom presentation training with on-site real world playground inspection training)


Times: (approx. finish times only)

Day 1 - 8:30am – 5.00pm Classroom Presentation + site visits

Day 2 - 8:30am – 3.00pm Classroom Presentation + Written Exam & Practical Exam


Price: $1,495+gst per attendee (includes catering). Additional 3% card fee applies for credit card payments.


Inspection Training - L2 Initial/ Full (2 Day)

  • The course consists of a 2 day training process including classroom presentation training with on-site real world playground inspection training. The aim of this course is to train you as a competent operational inspector whilst giving you a broad and general overview of the entire playground industry.

  • I confirm placement(s) booking for the inspector training workshop as above and accept the cost of $1,495+gst per attendee payable on booking. (Total Payment $1719.25 incl GST)


    Direct Credit Payments

    Total Payment $1719.25 incl GST per attendee

    Playsafe Consulting Ltd - Westpac Bank

    Bank Account 03-1392-0039821-000


    Credit Card Payments

    All credit card payments carry anadditional 3% ($52) surcharge. Total price with GST and card fee when paying via credit card $1,771.25 incl GST


    I also understand and accept there is a minimum of 10 working day notice for cancellation prior to the scheduled training date, otherwise a cancellation fee of 50% is non-refundable/ payable.

Standards Guide

A Guide to the NZS5828:2015 Playground Standard

Have questions about playground safety? Want to learn more about the New Zealand Playground Standard or would you like to easily search answers when you have a question? Get your copy of the Unofficial Playsafe Standards Guide today!

The Playsafe essential Guide to NZS 5828:2015 Playground Equipment & Surfacing Standard. (Electronic pdf copy). This standards guide contains the main requirements of the NZS 5828:2015 and is Ideal for any interested person including Schools, Early Childhood, Councils and any owners or operators of playgrounds and play areas and surfacing.

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Playsafe Playground Standards Guide NZS 5828:2015
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