Certified Playground Compliance & Safety Comprehensive Inspection

Thanks for booking a Playsafe inspection, we look forward to meeting you!


Please confirm how many individual play areas you have (usually separate surface areas) and you can also add-on a Surface Impact Test to the inspection for a further $350per Surface if you require.


Pricing is based on $699 for the 1st playground / play area, then a further $250 for every additional playground. Price includes travel, site inspection and reporting. Prices exclude GST. Rate applies only for region specified, as per map shown.


Inspection Date:

Once we recieve your booking we will contact you regarding the date of inspection, depending on your location it may be necesary for us to gather additional bookings around your area before we can confirm the final date.



Payment is not required to book but is due prior to inspection. We will contact you to confirm a date for your inspection and we will email you an invoice for payment prior to the inspection.

Gisborne - Certified Playground Compliance Comprehensive Inspection

Certifed Comprehensive Inspection (per playground)
Additional Surface Impact Test (per surface area)

    Standards Guide

    A Guide to the NZS5828:2015 Playground Standard

    Have questions about playground safety? Want to learn more about the New Zealand Playground Standard or would you like to easily search answers when you have a question? Get your copy of the Unofficial Playsafe Standards Guide today!

    The Playsafe essential Guide to NZS 5828:2015 Playground Equipment & Surfacing Standard. (Electronic pdf copy). This standards guide contains the main requirements of the NZS 5828:2015 and is Ideal for any interested person including Schools, Early Childhood, Councils and any owners or operators of playgrounds and play areas and surfacing.

    Get yours today - Only $34.95+gst for a pdf download digital copy. Click the link to purchase:

    Playsafe Playground Standards Guide NZS 5828:2015
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