Playup during Lockdown!

Play is truly therapeutic for children. By engaging in fun activities, they may find some stress relief, as well as normalcy and familiarity, during these uncertain times.

Parents are likely feeling overwhelmed right now, as they are trying to help their children navigate the many changes that have accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as managing their own stress and responsibilities. Further, there is no doubt parents are feel an enormous amount of pressure to provide educational and meaningful activities for their children while they’re not in school or early learning.

We all know how incredibly important play is to kids – especially in times of crisis – but their activities don’t need to be elaborate or Instagram worthy! Sometimes simple is best.

Playsafe recommends trying some of the following activities at home to help keep your kids engaged and busy. Give them choices whenever possible. So much of what’s going on right now is out of their control – giving them a little bit of that control back can help them feel safe.

Kids Drawing
Indoor Activities

1) Dance party

A dance party is a great way to start off the day! Have them choose their own music and dance along. Further, YouTube is a great resource for kid-friendly workouts. Kid Yoga is also great and helps teach kids about paying attention to their bodies and how they’re feeling.

2) Balloon Games

Allow your kids to play with balloons in the house. Help them blow them up and then let them play games like faux tennis with kitchen utensils, or hot lava where it can’t touch the ground.

3) Painting Rocks

They’ll have to step outside to pick out a rock, but then they can bring it inside for painting. They could paint fun animal faces or patterns.

4) Hut Building

Allow your kids to build a fort for a special hangout. They can read a book in there or watch a movie.

5) Make Cards for Family & Friends

This is a great way to stay connected while physically apart from the people we love.

Kids Yoga

Kids Easy Dance

Outdoor Activities

1) Sidewalk Chalk

It’s an oldie but goodie and tends to keep kids busy and engaged for a good amount of time. Maybe even do it in your front yard and write messages to your neighbors!

2) Nature Scavenger Hunts

During a walk or hike, have children spy various items of certain descriptions. For example, ask them to find two things that are soft. Or have them pick their favorite tree to draw a picture of it when they get home.

3) Have a tea party or Picnic

It’s amazing what some sunshine and fresh air can do!

Sidewalk Chalk

Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Activities With Neighbors

1) Sidewalk Chalk

Let the kids take their dance party outside and dance with their friends – from an appropriate distance, of course.

2) Nature Scavenger Hunts

Children can act out various words, phrases, or animals and have their neighbor friends guess what they’re acting out.

3) Start a neighborhood window walk

In our neighborhood, a new theme is posted our our community facebook page (such as teddy bears) and families are displaying these in their front windows for other families to view during their walks. 

Neighborhood window walk