Safety Surfacing is an area of many myths; Playsafe is one of the most knowledgeable specialists in the industry with regard to the different types and properties of impact absorbing surfaces.

Playsafe offers many impact testing options whether for onsite in-situ surface testing or safety surface product testing at our facility.

Playground Surfacing - Fall Height Testing

Surface Impact Test  |   Fall Height

A comprehensive electronic inspection report using the HIC Surface Impact Tester, to check that your playground's surface meets compliance of the potential fall heights of the play equipment.


  • HIC (Head Impact Criterion) Drop Test using the HIC Surface Impact Tester

  • Drop test results corresponding to activity fall heights

  • General surface condition

  • Inspection of play safety surface

  • Surface wear and tear

  • Recommendations

  • Photos

Surface mediums tested:

Loosefill - Bark, woodchip, mulch, pea-metal, gravel, sand

Synthetic Turf - Artificial Grass

Rubber - EPDM, granules, wetpour, tiles, shockpads, PVC, grass mats

Deck/ Platform surfaces

Natural - Grass, turf, soil

Test Ideal for existing surfaces in ECE Supervised Early Childhood, Schools, Councils

Importance of a Playground Surface

Your playground surface is the ''Catchers Mit'' of the playground, especially as statistics show that falls to playground surfaces are around 70% of all serious accidents in playgrounds, therefore it is imperative that your surface will perform properly in the event of a serious fall.


All surfaces suffer degradation over time, causing potential non-compliance of impact attenuation.

A surface impact test will highlight any of these issues. We can test just about any surface medium, including:

Loosefill Surfaces (Bark, Woodchip, Gravel, etc)

Loosefill surfaces break down, harden and compact and lose depth over time. A surface impact test will highlight any compliance issues and the report will also measure depth, quality and top-up required. 

Synthetic surfaces (Rubber, Tiles, Wetpour, Artificial Turf, etc)

Synthetic surfaces benefit the most from impact testing. These mediums are highly affected by heat and ultra violet rays (UV) causing major degradation to not the top surface but the sub layers (eg shockpads) underneath. An impact test will highlight these issues.

Whatever the surface, give us a shout - we can help! 


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