Certified Playground Safety & Compliance

Comprehensive Inspection Audit

Certified Level 3 Playground Inspection for Schools, Early Childhood, Councils Parks and Indoor Play Areas

Why inspect play areas?

In the event of a serious playground injury, fundamental and baseline compliance with the NZS5828 is the first evidence requirement. Manufacturers, owners and operators of play areas bear the burden of proof in the event of a life changing injury or death, failure to identify risk and comply with standards may be cause for negligence, blame and ultimately fault.

Playsafe's comprehensive inspection services is designed for identifying and reporting hazards in any play area. It provides verification and assurance that all hazards and non-compliance's are identified to the NZS5828:2015 by a independent certified third-party. We provide inspection directly for Schools, Councils, Early Childhood, Manufacturers, Builders, Landscape Architects, Interior designers and Installers.


Our inspection services are independent, certified, confidential, police vetted and we carry professional indemnity insurance for professional services. Our play area reporting services are recommended by MoE, ERO and Local Government throughout New Zealand.​

Certified Play Area Comprehensive Inspection

Certified Play Area Inspection

Comprehensive Safety & Compliance Audit for Schools, Early Childhood and Councils Play Areas.

The Certified Playground Compliance & Maintenance Safety Audit that provides assurance that your playground is safe and that it meets the requirements of the NZS5828:2015 safety standard. This includes a comprehensive inspection of your play area by a certified RPII Inspector and ensures that safety hazards and non-compliance's are identified well before failure and injury.


Hazards such as structural issues, entrapment's, worn or broken components, falling spaces and other safety hazards or non-compliance's are assessed to NZS5828:2015 Standards and then formally identified in a comprehensive digital report document.


The report includes photos, risk assessment and recommendations for every finding identified.

Safety Audit Includes:

  • Comprehensive hazard inspection

  • Structural stability check

  • Compliance audit to NZS:5828;2015 / Appendix A Supervised ECE if applicable

  • Entrapment Probe & gauges check (head, neck, torso, leg & fingers + chain, dim gap and projections)

  • Wear and tear / sacrificial parts check

  • Fallzone / falling spaces and fall heights check

  • Inspection of all play equipment, landscaping features within play area

  • Inspection of all materials & finishing

  • Inspection of play safety surface (depth check for loosefill / visual for synthetic)

  • Risk assessment and recommendations

  • *Surface Impact Fall height testing (*additional if required)


Our inspectors are independent, certified, police vetted and carry professional indemnity insurance for playground professional services.

Our play inspections reports are unique, both comprehensive, practical and are a solution focused working document that often become an action plan for the BOT to plan repairs, maintenance, upgrades or long-term replacement.


Our playground reporting services are recommended by MoE, ERO and Local Government throughout New Zealand. 

Sample Report

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Standards Guide

A Guide to the NZS5828:2015 Playground Standard

Have questions about playground safety? Want to learn more about the New Zealand Playground Standard or would you like to easily search answers when you have a question? Get your copy of the Unofficial Playsafe Standards Guide today!

The Playsafe essential Guide to NZS 5828:2015 Playground Equipment & Surfacing Standard. (Electronic pdf copy). This standards guide contains the main requirements of the NZS 5828:2015 and is Ideal for any interested person including Schools, Early Childhood, Councils and any owners or operators of playgrounds and play areas and surfacing.

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Playsafe Playground Standards Guide NZS 5828:2015
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