Wear Gauge

Component Wear Inspection Gauges 

 Wear Gauge

This set of gauges are designed to assess the wear / replacement factor (40%) of wearable parts, eg fastenings, shackles, clevies, chain, bolts etc.

We stock 40% wear gauges, but can make to order any wear factor percentage you require.

NB: Before using probes it is vital that the inspector be fully competent in the use of probes.


• 6mm Wear Gauge
• 8mm Wear Gauge
• 10mm Wear Gauge

• 20mm Wear Gauge

• 8mm protrusion tester- bolt threads etc

• 3mm radius gauge - general materials edges/corners

Wear Factor

The percentage of wear factor can be different for many clients / districts and will more than likely be specified by your local authority (council etc)

The RPII recommend a replacement of wearable parts at maximum of 40% of the original diameter of the part. This will identify any parts in need of replacement well before this threshold.

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